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5 W’s to Strategic Philosophy

WHY : Philosophy supplies the conceptual framework in which we can explore/examine human behavior and the world we live in. The corporate world plays an active role in this dynamic and can benefit not only from the philosophical tools and techniques to analyze its assumptions and clarify its objectives, but also can give rise to broadening several perspectives. Philosophical enquiry can assist in the decision-making process, in determining and evaluating ethical issues pertinent to business strategy, as well as in communicating more effectively (internally and externally). Our way of thinking often determines our behavior. If we can understand how and why we think the way we do, we will undoubtedly discover why we behave in a certain manner. This discovery can lead to solidifying a strategic position and/or creating a new one. In fact, philosophy is used in all aspects of the corporate environment. However, its concepts can be applied more effectively by making tacit knowledge more explicit and integrated into the daily life of the corporation.

WHAT : Socratic Dialogue is a widely used method of rigorous enquiry into the underlying presuppositions of our thoughts, values and concepts we use. It combines rigorous thinking and cooperative group dynamics in the search for answers to questions such as « Is integrity possible? », « What is corporate image ? », etc. Using a participant’s real work experience a concrete example is chosen to undergo systematic reflection by the group in which insight is gained into the abstract question raised. Socratic dialogue enhances participants thinking by justifying and clarifying thoughts and developing arguments to come to consensual solutions.
Existential Coaching is another philosophical technique applied to business strategy formulation combining dialogue and analytic examination to determine ways of thinking. Usually conducted individually.
Philosophical Meals enhances group dialogue on specific themes (such as : Money: Friend or Foe?, Success, etc.) that can enrich the strategic road or open up dimensions to problem-solving.

WHEN : Customized Scheduling

WHERE : On-site or selected sites appropriate to the choice of training / event

WHO : Gale Prawda, Ph.D. , Philosopher

Gale has simultaneously studied philosophy and developed a business career in the publishing industry. She obtained her doctorate at Paris X under Paul Ricoeur’s direction while managing an American university bookstore. Shortly after she founded an Anglo-american book distribution company. The time came to synthesize philosophy & business : She’s been lecturing at many Business Schools in areas of Business Ethics, Cross-cultural management and Effective Business Communication. The past several years she’s also been bringing philosophy to the public forum through café discussions (founder of Café des Philosophes in English, Paris & London) as well as to the workplace. After receiving certification in philosophical counseling (Society of Consultant Philosophers, U.K.) she opened a private practice which uses philosophical coaching and consulting either for individuals or groups.



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