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Philosophy Applied To Business

Frequently there has been a duality between philosophy and business in which philosophy is restricted to the abstract world and business to the practical world. Moreover, philosophy has been associated with metaphysical and ethical areas whereas business has been reduced to the economic aspect of man’s existence, the material side. However, these two domains are intricately related and if analyzed accordingly, can give results which will accelerate the corporation towards excellence as well  as enrich the lives  of those working within it. It is through philosophical perspectives, that corporations can learn to identify their corporate culture as well as improve upon it.

The impact of business in the world market place as well as those actively participating necessitates constant critical enquiry in order to go into the 21th century . (Our basic life assumptions formulate the work we get involved in).



Ethics Audit

Existential Audit

Effective business communication

Problem solving

Leadership – managerial styles

Ethical questions/issues in the workplace

Corporate image development – strategy  analysis

Structural assumptions (reinventing the workplace) through phenomenoly

Creativity and innovation

Conflict/dilemma reconciliation

Human resource enhancement

Options assessment

Globalization – doing business in a multicultural environment

East / West philosophy applied to business

Customized analysis – upon request





The Cultural Dimension of Business Ethics


Workshop Proposals


5 W’s of Philosophy


Socratic Dialogue




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