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Socratic Dialogue is a method widely used in Europe which allows for in-depth understanding of various issues concerning everyday life. Through rigorous inquiry and consensus we start unraveling the basic assumptions we have. An incredible experience that can regenerate your life.

Philosophical workshops offer practical alternatives to finding a meaning in life. They can help bridge the gap between what we do and what we say. Participating in a Socratic Dialogue develops critical thinking through rigorous inquiry and consensus from the group.


Ethics: How should we resolve ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest in everyday life? A close look at ethical systems: (Utilitarianism) maximizing happiness or (Kantian) responsibility oriented applied to daily life dilemmas.

The Ethics workshop provides the ethical systems currently used to address moral dilemmas, conflicts of interest and crisis in values occurring in everyday life. Theories such as Utilitarianism which advocates that we should act in a way to maximize the most happiness whereas the de-ontological approach emphasizes abiding by moral rules, and Kantian ethics based on responsibilities. Moral issues drawn from the group can be evaluated accordingly.


Socratic Dialogue Workshops:

All workshops include lunch , coffee/tea

« Change » When is change for the better ?

« Authenticity » Is it possible to be authentic?

Ethics workshop
Discover ways to resolve dilemma


Socratic Dialogue Weekend / Week: Available upon request


Corporate Services

Philosophical Coaching

Bilingual French/English

Using philosophical skills:
– Dialogue
– Analytic thinking
– Philosophical Schools of Thought : existentialism, phenomenology, Dasein analyze, Greek philosophers, etc.

Guided by Gale Prawda, Ph.D.:
– Certified philosophy practitioner, SCP,U.K.
Founder café philo in English : Paris, London
Socratic Dialogue Facilitator, Oxford U.K.
Lecturer on Business Ethics, Cross-cultural Management and Communication, Philosophy & Business Strategy

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