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The Cultural Dimension of Business Ethics

2.2 Cultural dimensions 

The cultural dimensions set up the representational forms in which cultures fill in the contents. Here’s where the challenges begin. For example, based upon several studies, we can briefly compare French and American culture : 

French polychronic : human relationship oriented, doing many things at the same time; high content : in need of little information, assumed to know many things through relations network; high power distance: respect for authority, hierarchical organization.

American monochromic : doing one thing at a time, work very important; low content : need lots of information, assumed to know nothing; low power distance : democratic organization, staff participates in the decision making process, will bypass authority 

The French basically work to live whereas, Americans live to work. These differences, though not exhaustive, are quite acute and yet understanding them is essential to effective business communications between them. Cultural models can be devised from these different dimensions, but they cannot complete the picture without a closer view of ethics.19  

1.0 Cultural dimensions of Business Ethics  
1.1 Cultural dimensions impact on management 
1.2  Management & ethics 
2.0 Culture & cultural dimensions
2.1 Culture as context of interpretation
2.2 Cultural dimensions
3.0 Ethics & ethical theories

3.1 Ethics in moral choice : what is ethical? / an ethical issue?  
3.2 Evaluating ethical situations
4.0 Cultural relativism / ethical universalism
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