The Philosophy Cabinet**


a  philosophical barbecue


ÒHumanityÓ, Sunday, September 14 (philo barbecue)


In the name of humanity much has been claimed, acclaimed and reclaimed : crimes against humanity, for the sake of humanity, in humanityÕs eyes, in the wake of humanityÉHow are we to understand ÔhumanityÕ: as an ideal state or an ideal being or simply as an idea ?  Are there certain rules/codes of behavior that underlie the concept of humanity ?  What then are these codes of conduct ?  Is humanity the composite result of encompassing all human beings ?  Or is it an embodiment of certain principles as Heidegger suggests in retelling the ÔHumusÕ fable , that care and solicitude link us to each other in our daily existence on earth.


Barbecue-discussion hosted by    Gale   PRAWDA, Ph.D.


at 13:30 chez Prawda ***   (30,00 / members 25,00 euros)

26, rue de lÕAvenir

92170 Vanves


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By metro   : Line 12 Direction Mairie d’Issy, get off at Corentin-Celton, cross street to MacDonald’s and take bus 189 (direction Clamart) get off at 5th stop – Stade, cross to opposite side of street, walk (in the same direction the bus was going) to staircase ‘rue de l’Avenir’, go up staircase and walk to the end of the street then turn right down to rue de l’Avenir to N¡ 26 (privatehome)
By SNCF : Versailles line from gare Montparnasse, get off at Clamart, walk under overpass from rue Freres Vigoureux, first street on right rue de l’Avenir

By car : from Peripherique get off at Porte de Brancion and enter Vanves  on rue Jean Bleuzen, go straight to round-about onto rue Raymond Marcheron (at the third traffic light) turn left on rue Chatillon then right onto rue de l’Avenir (street parallel to the train tracks)