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The Philosophy Cabinet**
announces the
"Philo Fidelity Card"

Letter to friends of philosophy:

Since April 1997, philosophical activities I have organized have proven their "raison d’être" and promise to be even more popular this season. Hundreds of you have used the lively and intellectually challenging Café Philos, Philosophy dinners and other events to explore the meaning of life and to bridge the gaps in human understanding.

To make these events more accessible to those who have been loyal and to encourage new participants, I am offering the "Philo Fidelity Card". For an annual membership fee of 40 euros, this card entitles you to discounts* to the events, advance notice, and preferential reservations.

Membership support will help to develop new programs and activities such as kids’ philosophy discussion groups, workshops and weekend outings.

You may attend all events without the "Philo Fidelity Card", of course, at full price. Membership is available at any time.

Enclosed is information on upcoming philosophical events. Join me in making this year one of continued enlightenment and joy!

Gale Prawda, Ph.D.

Print the registration form below and send to:
Media Supplies & Services International, Ltd., 26, rue de l’Avenir, 92170 Vanves
accompanied with your check.  Thank you.  (Information tel.; fax:

**a subdivision of Media Supplies & Services International, Ltd.

Membership to the philosophy cabinet :  full one year membership fee 40 euros  (couples 75 euros) _____


Last Name __________________________________ First Name ___________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________


Telephone __________________________________ Fax __________________________________

Signature ___________________________________

(checks payable to Media Supplies & Services International – MSSI)

Please fill in the areas of philosophical interest you would like to examine :

 Social and Political _____  Aesthetics                    _____
 Metaphysics           _____  Historical                     _____
 Epistemology         _____  Theological                  _____
 Ethics                     _____  Other (please specify) _________________
 Science                   _____  ___________________________________

specific philosophers (please specify):_______________________________________________________

specific subjects: _______________________________________________________________________

Comments and/or suggestions: ____________________________________________________________


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