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The Cultural Dimension of Business Ethics

About Gale Prawda 

Gale’s main mission is making philosophy accessible to all. She facilitates training programs in the corporate world (specializing in management, ethics, intercultural management, effective business communication, etc.) as well as leads guided discussions on various topics (integrity, trust, etc.). Presently, she gives undergraduate and graduate courses in cross-cultural management and moral philosophy at the Rouen School of Management. Also working with inner-city schools, she facilitates thematic philosophical inquiry to develop critical thinking skills. Holds philosophical dialogues and group discussions for the general public at various cafés and restaurants in Paris & London.

Gale has simultaneously studied philosophy and developed a business career in the publishing industry. Having gone through the American and French academic systems and business circuits she obtained her doctorate under Paul Ricoeur’s direction while managing an American university bookstore in Paris. Shortly after she founded an Anglo-american book distribution company.

She’s been synthesizing philosophy and management : lecturing at business schools, facilitating in the corporate world, consulting.

She founded the philosophy café in English both in Paris and London, organizes and facilitates many public philosophical events.

Currently a member of several philosophical practitioners associations in the US, UK, and France and an active member of L’école de Daseinanalyze.

Publications appear in Philosophy magazines in France, U.K., U.S.A; interviews on BBC and Bloomberg’s

1.0 Cultural dimensions of Business Ethics  
1.1 Cultural dimensions impact on management 
1.2  Management & ethics 
2.0 Culture & cultural dimensions
2.1 Culture as context of interpretation
2.2 Cultural dimensions
3.0 Ethics & ethical theories
3.1 Ethics in moral choice : what is ethical? / what is an ethical issue?  
3.2 Evaluating ethical situations
4.0 Cultural relativism / ethical universalism
About Gale Prawda


Corporate Services

Philosophical Coaching

Bilingual French/English

Using philosophical skills:
– Dialogue
– Analytic thinking
– Philosophical Schools of Thought : existentialism, phenomenology, Dasein analyze, Greek philosophers, etc.

Guided by Gale Prawda, Ph.D.:
– Certified philosophy practitioner, SCP,U.K.
Founder café philo in English : Paris, London
Socratic Dialogue Facilitator, Oxford U.K.
Lecturer on Business Ethics, Cross-cultural Management and Communication, Philosophy & Business Strategy

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